Potato "Gnocchi" - FelsineoVeg Mopur®

A burst of flavours and colours

Ricetta Vegan Potato “Gnocchi”

4 servings

30 minutes


  • 200g Veghiamo Mopur® & Truffle
  • 400g boiled mashed potato
  • 120g flour
  • Peanut oil


In a bowl mix the mashed potato with the flour. Place the mixture on a chopping board and knead the dough and cut dough in ropes. Then cut the ropes into one-inch pieces, remembering to cut ends at an angle. Heat two tablespoons of oil in a non-stick pan and golden the veggie slices cut into stripes. Boil the gnocchi in a large pot of salted water and then gently remove them with a spotted spoon. Drain well and toss in a saucepan with the crispy veggie stripes. Serve hot.