Our innovation

What is it?

Mopur®, a production process combined with a recipe that involves the use of sourdough and cereal and legume flours, suppling outstanding characteristics: distinctive flavour and aroma, as well as a unique texture.

Furthermore, the innovative production process preserves the integrity of the ingredients used, thanks also to the natural fermentation triggered by yeasts and lactic bacteria and hot water cooking.

Thanks to these two elements, Mopur® confers distinctive nutritional and aromatic properties making them ideal to all your dishes.

Exclusive recipes
Organic cereals and legume based flours
Innovative production process
Natural leavening
Natural fermentation
Natural hot water cooking

Nutritional values

All products are rich in plant-based proteins and cholesterol-free, guaranteeing a well-balanced nutritional profile.


Thanks to the veggie proteins, our products suit all diets.