Good, natural and healthy

Did you know that

The guidelines for a healthy diet elaborated by CREA (Research Center for Food and Nutrition), for a complete nutritional intake, recommend a diet rich in cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruit. These are all considered important as sources of carbohydrates, fibres, plant-based proteins and also of vitamines and minerals.

According to medical recommendations and to the World Health Organisation (WHO), a limited intake of sugar is fundamental for maintaining good health. Simple sugars should not exceed 10% of the reccomended daily intake of energy in adults (in Europe, 2000 kcal), and so no more 50 grams of sugar (equal to 200 kcal). A 100g ration of our plant-based deli slices presents maximum 1.3 grams of sugar (according to the version). A low-sugar diet is advantageous also for preventing dental caries, which have been related to the postprandial microbial fermentation in the oral cavity (EFSA 2010).

Diversifying food and diets, allows the body to optimize the pro-nutritional factors and limit the anti-nutritional ones. Our range is a well-balanced product line, thanks also to the carefully selected ingredients and thus represents a valid alternative to animal proteins.

Lastly, a diet rich in plant-based products, explains the nutritionist Andrea Ghiselli of Cra-Nut (ex Inran), helps boost the sense of satiety and so reduce the caloric intake.