Research, commitment and passion

Production Process

We firmly believe in the total commitment to quality, fundamental in the entire production process starting right from the raw ingredients, vanguard facility technology, optimization of the company processes and above all, the continuous pursuit of innovation.

All products are thus incredibly tasty and authentic, developed with utmost care and safety, guaranteed by the full respect of rigorous quality standards. The products are prepared only with safe and controlled organic ingredients. Manufacturing processes are entirely carried-out in the plant at Zola Predosa, in the province of Bologna.

Ingredient dosing

The ingredients are first weighed using an electronic automated dosing system, in order to obtain the correct quantity of each ingredient before putting them in the mixer. The mixture is then portioned according to the number of cylinders that have to be prepared and then cased.

The sourdough is the real protagonist of the production process, which starts a natural fermentation. The fermentation, which lasts about 2 hours, takes place in an environment saturated with water vapor and at a controlled temperature of 25 ° C, allowing the products to develop their distinctive characteristics: unmistakable flavor and great aroma and unique texture.

Leavening rooms, cooking tunnels and pasteurization

The next phase is fundamental to guarantee best results. The semi-finished products are now brought into the leavening cells; Once this process is completed, we move on to cooking, which takes place inside a tunnel that cooks the product nebulizing the water at a high temperature for about 90 minutes, allowing the product to reach 78 ° C at heart. In this phase the product is pasteurized at low temperatures to eliminate any residual bacterial load, without compromising its organoleptic characteristics.


When the cooking phase has ended, the product is cooled down upto reaching 4°C.


The product is here stored at a controlled temperature of 4°C and controlled humidity degree for about 7 days. In this phase, the structure optimization is completed and the right consistency for thin slicing is reached. Thanks to the modern process technology, high-quality standards are here respected in terms of food health and safety.


When the refining ends, the semi-finished product is then “peeled”, and so the outer casing is removed. The product is then vacuum packed using a modern thermoforming machine.


At this stage, the cylinder is vacuum packed and the product to be sold in take away trays is thinly sliced and then vacuum sealed, to preserve its organoleptic characteristics.


The semi-finished products that leave the pasteurizer are then weighed and labelled to guarantee the traceability of the finished product in all the different production phases, thus ensuring maximum safety to the final customer.