The right balance

The pleasure of taste combined with the correct nutritional value

The products derive from the intuition of combining wheat and legumes in a tasty and nutritionally-friendly manner. Cereals and cereal-based products have always belonged to the Italian cuisine and have always been an important source of carbohydrates. In a well-balanced diet, 60% of calories comes from carbohydrates, better if complex. The body absorbs and metabolizes carbohydrates into pure energy, without producing nitrogen compounds that have to be disposed of by the liver and kidneys, and help also to prevent inflammatory processes.

All our products contain wheat gluten dried at low temperature and so all the nutritional properties are well maintained. Gluten is one of the protein fractions of cereals, that is naturally present in wheat.

Scientific research has already shown that:

  • plant-based proteins are able to supply a good dose of amino acids, necessary for a regular metabolic functioning, maintenance and increase of muscle mass, as well as the development of strong bones.
  • phosphorus helps keep bones and teeth healthy, as well as aiding their development in children. It is also very important for the normal functioning of cell membranes and for the energy exchange mechanisms.

These nutrients are both present in the product range.