Sustainability - FelsineoVeg Mopur®

Loving our environment


Our core values and our work is based on eco-sustainability. Consequently, we have adopted solutions aimed at reducing and optimizing energy consumption.

Kerlite Coating

The building is totally coated with KERLITE environmentally friendly ceramic tiles, with antimicrobial properties. This material, thanks to its particular technical characteristics, keeps the temperature of perimeter walls at milder values. Not only does thermal insulation reduce heat dispersion, it also optimizes the performance of the coating throughout the seasons. In Summer, by increasing external insulation, the flow of heat that would require intensive use of air conditioning is greatly reduced. In Winter, the walls that are insulated from the outside cold create thermal exchange almost exclusively with the internal heated space of the building.

Smoke-Free Workplace

We have extended the smoking ban for all employees, suppliers and visitors, from offices and other closed environments, also to all outside areas inside the facility boundaries.