Digital Export 2020

Made in Italy plant-based deli slices conquering foreign markets

FMV S.R.L. has recently launched a commercial investment for digitalization and export with the support of Unioncamere – Emilia Romagna. The investment project intends to support the company’s internationalization strategy, aimed at increasing the awareness and sales of organic plant-based products in foreign markets. FMV S.R.L. intends to bring the excellence of made in Italy organic plant-based products and burgers to Europe and North America, to satisfy consumers who want to follow a balanced diet, reducing animal proteins, without giving up on taste.


  1. Define and implement an internationalization plan for commercial expansion in France, USA and Canada;
  2. Intensify digital tools to support commercial expansion abroad, such as website and LinkedIn, where FelsineoVeg is already particularly active with numerous posts in English;
  3. To improve export potential and international competitiveness, also through a system of food certifications recognized globally.


The project foresees the strengthening of the commercial strategy abroad, through targeted actions aimed at:

  1. Acquiring new buyers and commercial partners in the USA, Canada and France in order to achieve a more widespread positioning on the territory;
  2. Implementing a new website and promotional tools to support digital marketing;
  3. Increasing the export turnover.

Project co-financed by Unioncamere – Emilia-Romagna – Total amount granted: 16,825.00 euros.