Love ourselves, love our environment

100% Tasty and Healthy

Sourcing 100% natural organic products, the entire range is packed with nutritious goodness and rewarding taste and so provides healthy and wholesome options to help encourage a nutritionally rich diet that’s also fulfilling.

We aimed at combining naturalness with flavour, to obtain excellent products from both a nutritional and sensory point of view.

Rewarding you with a pleasant surprise, each product will conquer you AT FIRST SLICE.


Our products have been manufactured using simple and natural ingredients, ensuring that they are free from additives.

We pursue to develop and improve our products every day, boosting the good properties of the raw ingredients to obtain a good texture and a surprisingly great taste that you can really enjoy.


Palm Oil Free

We have decided to remove palm oil from all our products. Palm oil due to its characteristics is widely used as an important ingredient in the food industry. Palm oil besides facilitates the production process, as it is very stable over time, reduces the cost of the finished product as well as being practically flavourless.

Thanks only to the recent EU regulation no. 1169/2011 dedicated to food information for consumers, food labels must specify the kind of vegetable fat present (palm oil or others). Consequently, all consumers can exactly know all the products ingredients and thus evaluate the quantity and quality of the fats present.

Moreover, the palm oil cultivation often constitutes an environmental menace because it deprives land from forests of inestimable value as well as threatening biodiversity.